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Easy Website Hosting

1MB is a website host designed to make web development feel more approachable. You can host static files and edit them directly inside your browser just by logging in. 1MB has a custom code editor with some useful features such as starter templates, live site previews, and a growing selection of editor themes. Best of all you can get started completely free of charge.

Custom Domains and SSL

Adding a custom domain that you own to your account is a quick process. SSL is automatically installed and renewed through Let's Encrypt.

Say hello to https://your.domain

SSL is one of the best ways to protect your website visitor's personal information and gain their trust.

1MB NoSQL Databases

With advanced permissions and the ability to enforce what type of data gets added to your database you can easily create a dynamic application. All of the functionalities previously listed allow your database to be securely written to and read using nothing other than JavaScript.

daltonblog.1mb.site - this is a blogging application (log in and click Instant Apps to install your own version of this app)

chat.1mb.site - this is a real-time group chatting application (log in and click Instant Apps to install your own version of this app)

Click here to read about 1MB's JavaScript library which will help you easily create your own apps.

Deploy with Your Command Line

If you want to deploy to your site via the command line run this command to install 1mb-cli:

npm install --global 1mb-cli

In your working directory run this command to deploy to your site:


Deploy with the API

1MB has an open API that you can use to automate deployments or build anything your imagination desires. Click here to read the API documentation.

Upgrade to Pro!

You can get more storage and other enhanced functionality by upgrading to 1MB Pro. Log in to learn more and upgrade your account.

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