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Welcome to 1mbsite!

Hosting should be trustworthy.

1mbsite is an ethical and free website host that does not sell or misuse our member's private information in any way, and we do not insert ads, link backs, or anything else shady on our member's sites. Not everybody can afford premium hosting, but they should not have to compromise on their security.

Hosting should be easy.

You do not have to worry about buying or configuring a server. All you need to do is log in and you will gain access to an easy to use code editor that features syntax highlighting, live site previews, and starter templates. You can even add a custom domain and 1mbsite will automatically manage SSL for you.

Make your megabyte count.

Hosting is able to be offered for free because of the 1 megabyte storage limitation we impose on our members. Do not be discouraged though we are giving you a million bytes! If that is not enough to ease your nerves how about this? We are hosting 827 sites and combined they are only taking up 17 MB of storage. Put your megabyte to the test.

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